Doko Roko is a 2D rogue-like, vertical action game with an emphasis on lightning-fast combat and rich atmosphere. It is currently being developed by Eric Mack, the founder of Oboku Games, a currently one-man studio. The game was recently funded on Kickstarter.


Collect strange and ancient magicks to do battle with the more hostile denizens of The Tower. Wield massive swords forged from meteorites and cursed earth to slay the many dreaming demons who climb the tower alongside you. A frenetic and responsive combat system that is easy to pick up, but difficult to master.

Explore the uniquely dense world of The Tower- A world that is parts procedurally generated and meticulously hand-crafted. Massive stone obelisks, libraries of grimoires and tomes written in forgotten languages, cisterns filled with rain water, the makeshift homes of the Unslain who have taken up residency thousands of feet in the sky. This is a place of rich history that is slowly evolving, an organism disguised as architecture.

Speak and trade with the many strange folk who inhabit this artificial ecosystem- Not all desire your blood, Unslain, some merely wish to tell you of their tales, their triumphs, and their woes. If communication is to impart information unto another, perhaps there is something to be learned...

Core Concepts

  • SwordPlay- Dodging, parrying, striking, and reflecting incoming projectiles are all crucial techniques that players will need to master in order to stand a chance against the foes they do battle with.
  • Faeries- "Foul creatures that swim through star light. They gather in swarms around the barrows.They are a plague, Unslain. Do not be fooled."
  • Strange Magicks- Objects imbued with archaic powers.
  • Transformations- The Unslain is weak to all a manner of cosmic infestation.
  • Atmosphere-The world around reacts to the players presence.



Roko Doko Kickstarter